AI Crypto Trading Bot

Buy the dips

Sells before crash

Profit-grabbing AI

Start trading like a Ninja.

Free setup from our BitBot Sensei to make sure you are setup to make profit right from the start.

Ichimoku Cloud Analysis
Prediction and Trading AI

Real-time crypto updates while our bot utilizes AI prediction algorithms to
determine whether your crypto trading pairs are going up or down, and will
trail and take profits accordingly.

Intuitive and easy to use

Easily-configurable, AI-driven bot that automates cryptocurrency trading for easy gains. Easy to use GUI with integration with many popular exchanges, as well as Telegram integration that will give you relevant notifications.

Introducing Ichimoku Cloud Analysis

Ensuring your trades will make you a profit before buying into them.

Beginner-friendly presets

Choose from preset trading configurations based on frequency of adding profits/risk of stop loss % and so on.... Bitbot's presets are very low-risk as the software has lightning-fast functionality, knowing beforehand if a cryptocurrency is going to tank or go up.

Customize trade parameters for advanced users

Configure every detail of your trading pattern for the bot to carry out for any crypto trading pair as you see fit.

Set custom trading conditions for your crypto assets

Set your profit trailing percentages, which tells BitBot when to start calculating which profit gains to sell at, adjusting as it continues to grow. Also includes a stop loss to make sure your profits are cashed out before a dip, allowing you to buy back in once the crypto stabilized again.

Smart AI calculations

BitBot handles all the hardwork of formulas and AI algorithm always keeps track of what signals to give to your bitbot. Realtime calculations lead to realtime data for you to succeed with.

Auto crypto selection

Pro users can have it auto select cryptos that pass certain criteria set in place to assure you are buying in at the right time and with added ichimoku growth prediction projection check.

Global purchase options

Monitor 100s of assets without limitation. Monitor and automate the whole market, enabling you to spot any pump that may happen and automatically buy in. With our successful prediction algorithm, you win every time. We are able to predict crypto going up or down with 100% precision - making sure you never lose your shirt! If you have crypto, don&t just hodl it, make sure Bitbot manages it, so you can ride those pumps and avoid those dumps.

See daily performance

Choose your assets by how well they perform, as well as how many you want Bitbot to monitor and buy and sell. Monitor the top performing assets making it super easy to know which assets to let Bitbot manage each day making you the day trader you thought was only left to the whales.

Set auto trading criteria with Pro

Automatically let Bitbot monitor the exchanges periodically for winning cryptos that pass it's analysis checks to buy into winning assets all while afk.

And don't forget the all-new Ichimoku Cloud Analysis AI

Ichimoku Cloud Analysis has many checks in place to determine the growth of cryptos equally as well as predicting an upcoming crash. Become a pro trader by manually picking cryptos or let the software use it's AI in place to buy into trades for you.

Keeps you updated via Telegram

Bitbot will send notifications on the secure messaging platform, Telegram, in realtime whenever it buys or sells in live or simulation modes, along with useful information about gains. You can also control Bitbot remotely with text commands straight from Telegram.

Reasons to choose Bitbot

Automatically trades crypto

Easy Crypto Trading Automation that you can leave unattended and enjoy your day knowing your portfolio balance is increasing nonchalantly.

Taking risk out of the equation

Mitigated risk with built-in stop loss to avoid losing your lucrative positions.

By traders, for traders

We’re avid crypto traders, that’s why we made Bitbot.

Smart prediction AI

Our prediction AI knows over 5 minutes ahead of time consistently when any crypto trading pair is going to increase or crash based on logic.

Simulation mode

Simulation mode so you can be notified by telegram to manually make the trades yourself.

Free trial

We are confident that you will like Bitbot, so you can try it out for free for three days.

Frequently Asked Question

There is quite a selection of Crypto bots already on the market, ranging from web based automation that copies other traders actions to advanced trading bots.

Our exclusive Cryptocurrency bot is capable of trading as you please, from selling at all time highs each day with the ability to buy the dip, to long term holding strategy while collecting profits in the event of any crash or dip.

Even though it’s given with the pre-set options for easy sell off after profiting, the ability to customize every bit of our bot’s trading ability via the API, opens up limitless configurations for a successful source of income from your preferred crypto exchange.

Learn more about all the BitBot Ninja has to offer through the documentation covering everything from stop loss percentages to profit trailing recalculation and buy back to make sure you are maximizing the performance of your trading pairs.

BitBot works on many exchanges that allow the user to set & use API with the ability to add any exchange just make a request in our helpdesk and our developer will integrate the exchange of your choice. BitBot only uses API keys to trade on exchanges.

Currently supported exchanges that are working: – Kraken – CoinbasePro – Binance. Don’t see your exchange? Open a helpdesk ticket to request your exchange to be added and our developer will integrate it.

Yes, the BitBot has true Ninja like AI built in to accurately know exactly when a crypto asset is going to increase or decrease this means you never have to worry about getting caught in a crash ever again. Our developers are also able to add any features you may be looking for that others don’t have.

Currently PayPal Express Checkout with other forms of payment being added soon.

You’ll have to sign up for an account where you can choose to purchase a monthly access key or try it for free for 3 days! After finishing your checkout with PayPal, you will find your member’s area page with the access key under email codes with a link that says “send” to get your key delivered automatically.

Also in your member’s page you will find the BitBot download which you can extract the archive file after downloading and run the launcher to auto update. All you will then need to do is enter your Bitbot key you claimed from the member’s page earlier and once logged into the bitbot you will then be able to select your crypto exchange and input the API keys for the bitbot to be able to buy & sell for you. You can check out our manual and setup tutorial video.

We offer premium support at no extra cost to you, including remote support for hands on setup. We have a helpdesk support ticket system as part of your member’s area and we also have live chat including Discord developer group chat for 1 on 1 support with our developer.

Yes, it is the purpose of the API access that is provided by the most popular exchanges as they support the ability for people to use their API to make trading easier and even automated as such as our bot does for you. You will never risk your account or portfolio by using our software as it does not do anything outside of the allowed API access provided by the exchange.